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Organ­iz­ing Team


ISEF is planned and arranged as a cross-cluster pro­ject by the com­pan­ies Indus­tri­elle Bio­tech­no­lo­gie Bay­ern Net­zwerk GmbH (IBB) and Chemie-Cluster Bay­ern GmbH with the aim to cre­ate a new plat­form for con­nect­ing all act­ors ded­ic­ated to the advance­ment
of a Sus­tain­able Economy.

Both com­pan­ies are net­work­ing enter­prises oper­at­ing in know­ledge and tech­no­logy trans­fer, pro­ject man­age­ment and the real­iz­a­tion of innov­at­ive approaches for pro­cesses and products with­in the field of Indus­tri­al Bio­tech­no­logy and Sus­tain­able Eco­nomy. They are known for their large net­works and long-stand­ing expert­ise in organ­iz­ing events of such a scope.

Prof. Dr. Haralabos Zorbas

Managing Director
IBB Netzwerk GmbH

Dr. Patrick Prühs

Managing Director
Chemie-Cluster Bayern GmbH

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